Hello There

Life is good overall. Work is more steady this summer than I had thought it would be. I'm going to Flagstaff for a couple of nights for work next week and am excited about that. Lately I have just been working on being positive. It's difficult when you work with immature, easily agitated, and negative people. I just try my best to shut it out and make it my own. I definitely see the flaws in my department and how many things could be improved but the stress levels of this job is nothing compared to my previous job so it's shocking to see how much people get stressed here. It is even comical, so I just try to keep people working and try my best to make them laugh when I can.

My position has a high turn over rate, a great deal of people have been fired or quit in the last couple of months, which honestly is a good thing because it's slowly weeding out the weak, annoying, and lazy employees.

There's not much else to update on. Just hoping for a vacation this summer. And another possible trip to Tennessee next year.

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