Thoughts at the End of 2016

I often write notes on paper or in my phone, those either are snippets I post later or a small idea that I blog about in full. Below are some of my recent notes.

The Current Life: Written December 25th, 2016.
Sometimes I don't feel like living the current life, normal life. But what do I want to escape?
I know I like movies to escape. Am I trying to escape the mundane, responsibilities? What is it I'm trying to leave?
I know I enjoy the creative thoughts and provocation. I am not a person who craves adventure...
But I know I have always been desiring to escape something...

The great thing about rhythm is that you can see it.

I sleep less than I work.

I felt it but...I was just going in the wrong direction.

If you eat handfuls of peanuts and then drink wine, your burps taste like peanut butter and jelly.

I'm really sorry to hear that has happened. I'm afraid that I am not in the mental, physical, or financial position in my life right now to support you. I hope you can understand. I truly hope there is someone else in your life that can be there for you, it just can't be me right now.
But what I did not say to you was... you call me a good friend, but what kind of friend does that make you? I haven't heard from you in years. You may not have heard from me either, but I made an active choice not to.

This was an excerpt from an article I read about someone who knew a woman who kept her maiden name. I kept this excerpt because it made me cry, it was the most beautiful reason I have ever heard.
Anyway, one of my classmates was a married female who had kept her maiden name. This was still a relatively uncommon thing back then, so I asked her why she hadn't taken her husband's last name. I then expected myself to be in the midst of a feminist conversation about gender roles and blah blah blah. Instead she said (and I'm paraphrasing here) "I love my father-in-law very much and think he's a great guy. But he's not the one who worked his butt off, struggling with two jobs so he could afford to put me through undergrad and med school. I want it so every time MY dad drives by my office, he'll see HIS name on the shingle out front, since he's the guy who is responsible for my being here."

I wish winter would end with Christmas. Without the Christmasy feeling and the lights, it is just dreary. Another indication that I hate winter.
Winter is only a nice temporary escape from the hot Arizona weather, the chance to bundle up, spend more holiday time with the people you love, drink warm beverages, and sit by a fire. Aside from that, I hate the cold. I hate artificial heat. I hate bundling up and getting warm just by moving around. I hate endless days of overcast. I hate waiting for my car to warm up. I hate waking up in the dark and getting home after the light of the day is gone. I hate the allergies and the flu season.

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