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I was in such an antsy excited distorted mood today after finding out officially about Tool. I literally jumped up and down a few times when I found out. Then I had to go to work with all this excitement and chaos in my mind and body. The thing that sucks is, I have to work the morning the tickets go on sale. Tickets sales at 10am, Alyssa works at 9am. My manager just left for vacation today, I have to wait til she gets back to see if she will do me a huge favor and let me come in a couple hours later. I can see her saying yes...I hope! It's the only way I'll get damn good tickets. And I won't settle for less when it comes to Tool.
In other workings, I'm going to steadily post blogs that I had posted in the past on my then existent myspace. Just because I think there's a lot I should of mentioned on here when I thought I already have. I will note, since these were written in the past the ideals may not be wholly consistent with my mind state now, and lack of sophistication in writing and immaturity as well shall be looked over.
So speaking of Tool and blogs, I shall begin with one relevant.
Originally posted Sunday, April 23, 2006, titled "TOOLness":
April 22, 2006
i've been up since 7am, what the hell. in the AM?! Christ! i haven't woken up that early in a year. so i get to fashion square at 7:45am and walk around and find "secret" aka not so secret ways to get into this mall that opens at 10 to get to Ticketmaster, thank fucking heavens i did walk around cuz i talked to some old guys that were watching the door and found out that ticketmaster isn't there anymore cuz Robinsons May is closing down. fucking gay ass! so i drive to the library on the way home so i can quickly use a computer...but that shit doesn't open til 10 either...then i have to go back home and get on my slow starting computer find a near place that has ticketmaster...call them to make sure it is still there and find out that there are already 8 people in line....so tatum and shea boulevard aka 20 minutes later i get there and theres probably 18 people in line, maybe more. so i stand there for almost and hour...tickets go on sale....the line moves fast. as there was a total of 10 people in front of me (they were in groups so it wasn't that exactly) i hear SOLD OUT!!! and all of us are like FUCK!! and leave and i drove fast as hell and i was pissed, PISSED, and DEPRESSED...i still kinda am. even a radio host lady on the Edge was admitting she was irrated cuz she didn't even get tickets. fuck man! FUCK! so yea then at work on my first break i'm in my car listening to the radio and Schism comes on and i almost fucking cried...i got close...all teary eyed and shit. then my last break the new single comes on which was only the fucking second time i've heard it since its been out. oh man.
so my plan was to say that if i got the tickets i would declare my life as COMPLETE, and if i didn't i would be a fuck up. so as of now until i get to ever see TOOL, i will be a fuck up. i hate when shit like this happens cuz i just sit there and think about all the different things i could of done. shit if fucking fashion square still had ticketmaster i could of fucking got that shit!! mother. fucker.

so throughout my day i was texting friends and shit, well i literally sent to all my friends my "suicide note" aka "no tool tickets for me" yea. a bunch of ppl made me smile and stuff and keep my mind off of it, thank you guys.
so now back to this. i'm officially a fuck up


got it?

Now as of today (April 23, 2006):
IM NOT A FUCK UP ANYMORE!!! Woohoo, I fucking bought tickets to Coachella in Indio, fucking California! Thats right 250 miles away! And probably 500 dollars away! Its gonna be awesome on many levels.

Level One: I get to go on my first very own road trip with my awesomeness cousin Ryan. And its in California, which isnt my favorite, but something about the land makes me want to go there, which lately, Ive been wanting to go there.

Level Two: This road trip only involves Ryan and I, no annoying lesbians, no moms, no uncles, no dads, no aunts or brothers. Just us.

Level Three: Coachella is probably an awesome experience, and Ive never been to any musical festival anyways, so this will be the first.

Level Four: I got this weekend off of work, and hopefully its paid vacation if no one fucks up putting that in for me.

Level Five: Im gonna see TOOL, now when u read that, sing it, say it fucking louuuuudddd.

Level SixSixSix: Did I mention TOOL?? Yea, Im gonna see TOOL. For the first time that is. So Im no longer a fuck up and my life is utterly complete!! And I get to take pictures! Woo!

Fuck man, I dont know if any of you understand how amazingly important this is for me. I regret only one thing in my life, and that was not seeing TOOL 5 years ago when my brother went, with extra tickets. Fuck, THEN, I was a fuck up. Seriously. But now, things have changed.blah blah blah. WOOOOHOOOO!!!! See ya on Monday fuck ups!!!

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